Record indexer for Invenio.

invenio_indexer.config.INDEXER_BEFORE_INDEX_HOOKS = []

List of automatically connected hooks (function or importable string).

invenio_indexer.config.INDEXER_BULK_REQUEST_TIMEOUT = 10

Request timeout to use in Bulk indexing.

invenio_indexer.config.INDEXER_DEFAULT_DOC_TYPE = 'record-v1.0.0'

Default doc_type to use if no schema is defined.

invenio_indexer.config.INDEXER_DEFAULT_INDEX = 'records-record-v1.0.0'

Default index to use if no schema is defined.

invenio_indexer.config.INDEXER_MQ_EXCHANGE = <unbound Exchange indexer(direct)>

Default exchange for message queue.

invenio_indexer.config.INDEXER_MQ_QUEUE = <unbound Queue indexer -> <unbound Exchange indexer(direct)> -> indexer>

Default queue for message queue.

invenio_indexer.config.INDEXER_MQ_ROUTING_KEY = 'indexer'

Default routing key for message queue.

invenio_indexer.config.INDEXER_RECORD_TO_INDEX = 'invenio_indexer.utils.default_record_to_index'

Provide an implemetation of record_to_index function

invenio_indexer.config.INDEXER_REPLACE_REFS = True

Whether to replace JSONRefs prior to indexing record.